Tail-End Identity Parade

It's literally a second-long glimpse we get of the tail-end survivors making their first appearance to Sawyer and Michael on the beach having followed Jin out, whom they had previously captured. And so when these dark shapes appear, first time around, we have no clue that they are also survivors of Oceanic 815 and are led to believe they are threatening "others".

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It's a startling moment, only diminished by us getting to know these people and realising they are not the band of savages we first thought. Except, the trouble is, those two on the left don't look like they have appeared with the rest of the tail-end survivors in subsequent episodes!

The woman that is supposed to be Cindy Chandler (second from left) doesn't appear to be the same actress, so far as I can tell. And as for the guy on the left. . . Who the hell is he? Don't tell me that's supposed to be fucking Bernard!

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Here's a slightly better image of these approaching people, from the next episode, Orientation. Look again at the two people on the left, and see that the Cindy Chandler we will come to know in episodes like Abandoned and The Other 48 Days is clearly not the same person that is here.

But even more galling is the guy on the left, who is, indeed, supposed to be Bernard but obviously isn't. He's wearing the same clothes as Bernard, and has an approximation of the same age as Bernard, but that guy sure as shit isn't him!

To be honest, I'm not even wholly convinced the woman that is supposed to be Libby is the correct actress, either, but on that score I am willing to listen to the argument that it really is. You can't tell if Ana Lucia is the proper actress, either, since she's stood behind the probably-not-Libby person.

Obviously this is just a continuity thing to do with the actors that were available at the time of shooting, but even still. . . It's sloppy.

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shamballa108 said...

I agree that it is "sloppy" if indeed the people in question were supposed to represent Bernard and Cindy. That being said, I'm willing to let this one slide. However the helicopter issue is another matter.

This show does a pretty good job considering the varied locations and its unorthodox story telling methods. It has to be a nightmare for the script supervisor to keep everything straight and have the actors available for re-shoots.