Big Island Eruptions

On the DVD commentary for The Man Behind The Curtain, I believe it’s Carlton Cuse that heavy-handedly mentions that the volcano revealed to exist on the Island may prove important within the future of Lost. Hmm, I thought. I suppose I better give this subject more attention.

First then, to the volcano that exists on the Island. Let’s look at that.

Olivia – “. . . we will get our very own volcanic reaction.”

[Annie raises her hand]

Olivia – “Yes.”

Annie – “Is that what happened to the volcano on this Island?”

Olivia – “Exactly, Annie, but that was a long time ago.”

So that’s all we get from the show about volcanoes. So far, so not very informative. Time for some digging. Not knowing much about volcanoes I went and did what other people who don’t know anything about something and have an internet connection do: I went on Wikipedia. What I learned was that there are all kinds of different volcanoes, but our most likely candidate on the Island is one known as a "hotspot", as produced by sitting above a "mantle plume".

I guess I should have warned you this was going to be informative. But don’t let that put you off.

To keep it in simple terms, mantle plumes are static vents of hot material. Hotspots are tectonic plates that drift over these plumes and get melted, create vents and, hey presto, up spouts hot stuff, usually magma. So the Island is, potentially, drifting on a tectonic plate that has hit upon one of these mantle plumes and now it’s a volcanic timebomb.

The islands around Hawaii were created by mantle plume volcanic eruptions. Given that Lost is filmed on Oahu, Hawaii, I have no doubt this piece of information will not have escaped the creators. Maybe they figured they could make that work for their show. It makes me wonder if this is potentially how they are leading us to accept how the Island came to exist. . .

In short, perhaps the Island was created by one of these volcanic eruptions that forms Islands. So far, so acceptable, right? Only this happens to plenty of other islands and they don’t have healing properties and Black Smokes rampaging around them. So what you’re reading now are pretty much words from a mind that is scrambling to make sensible connections from this. And very probably failing.

But here’s what I did. I typed in Volcano Electromagnetism into Google. As you do. And. . . drum roll. . . I hit a blank. Oh, there was some discussion about how a large enough volcanic eruption might reverse the Earth’s electromagnetism but this was simply down to the timings between last electromagnetic reversals and big volcanic eruptions. But it was dismissed. Just because two things happened in close proximity it don’t make ‘em related. In short, a false syllogism. In short, dead end.

OK. Now what? Off to the Sunda Trench.

We know that the fake Oceanic 815 plane was ‘discovered’ in a place called the Sunda Trench. Around this region, in the year 1815 (hello numbers!), a massive volcanic eruption took place (it was heard 3,000 miles away and was the biggest recorded in human history). This might be a red herring. This might be a major signpost.

Where I get to with all of this is this: The Island was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption aaaaages ago. Some time later (perhaps when there were people on the Island worshipping statues with four toes) there was a massive eruption. The massive eruption I mentioned above. Or possibly not. Perhaps it was a different volcanic eruption (and the Sunda Trench eruption was merely a breadcrumb clue, dropped for us to leap on like I have done here). Wherever this volcanic eruption occurred, its effects were felt on the Island and it smashed at least one giant four toed statue to pieces, leaving only a foot.

And not only that. . . maybe that eruption did something to the Island. . . a massive explosion that knocked it into a different kind of rift in time and space, creating that potential ‘time bubble’ the Island is perhaps enveloped by. . . that allowed for a marked difference in electromagnetic qualities. . .


shamballa108 said...


Nice pictures :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you see this message. You got closer to figuring out the finale than most people. You were on to something. There was a hotspot which was plugged with a stone cork, with water flowing down into that area..the combination of which results for some reason in an electromagnetic glow of a sort, the same type of energy that enabled the donkey wheel to work properly.... In fact they had to get a Geophysicist named Zoe who I'm sure would have had a bigger part but got killed off, unless she was just meant to remind us about the Electromagnetism and Volcano. Zoe was with Widmore, and they needed Desmond for something because he was resistant to EM energy.