Lost ARG 2008 - Part 2


This is a link to a website version of the e-mail sent out to people who have registered their e-mail address at Octagon Global Recruiting. The interesting aspect to this site is if you view the source code (by clicking in to the View Menu and selecting Source) you can see the following line:

meta name="Alert" content="March has 32 days" /

March has 32 days

This is the title to a story in a comic book. But not just any comic book. It’s the comic book Mystery Tales #40 – which just so happens to be one of the items that Richard Alpert presented to Young Locke during the episode Cabin Fever.

You can read the actual comic book story (it’s 4 pages long, and this link will take you directly to good quality scans of the pages for you to look at) here: http://www.mysterytales40.com/march-has-32-days-last-story-from-the-mystery-tales-40-comic-book-96555

For those that can’t be bothered to look, the story is this:

A man, John Billing, wakes up. He goes to work where, today, he has a bridge to inspect before it is opened. However, his woman calls and says she wants to see him before she leaves at the airport, so John doesn’t inspect the bridge and goes to meet his woman. The bridge then collapses. Pained with guilt, John wishes he could go back but hears a voice in his head telling him that even he did re-live his time over he would do the exact same thing.

Then John wakes up again, confused, because it’s apparently the same day and he thinks it must be a dream. So he goes to work, set on checking the bridge, but his colleagues inform him that they have checked it thoroughly and there’s no problem. So John once again goes to meet his woman. . . but at the last minute he realises he is doing what the voice said he would so and so he quickly goes to the bridge, checks it, and prevents the collapse.

At the end, shocked and confused, he assumes the whole event must have been a dream. Meanwhile, elsewhere, a bunch of scientist stand around puzzled by the fact that according to their calculations March had an extra day in it and they’ll never know why. . .

Evidently there’s some Lost-related ideas in this story; most notably linking to Desmond and the idea of course correction – of being given a second chance to do something differently. I’m not particularly willing to run with this notion, and this story, too far as it may prove to be just one of those curious sidetracks Lost and its creators like to lead us down every now and then to pique our interest.

But, yeah, it’s interesting all the same. Not sure how, if at all, it will feed into this ARG though.

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