A Question Never Answered?

Forgive me a moment, but I’m going to resurrect the rotting carcass of the ‘clue in the Pilot’ myth that persists amongst certain Lost-theorists in light of some ‘logical’ conclusions that can be reached to provide support for this notion as a result of the Season 5 finale. The thinking goes like this:

The scene in Pilot – Part 2, where Locke is talking with Walt about backgammon. He talks about how the game is over 5,000 years old and then, memorably, holds up two pieces and declares: “Two players. Two sides. One is black. One is white.”

Thematically this works great, but you can take it more literally because immediately after Locke says this he leans forwards and ominously asks Walt, “Do you want to know a secret?”

The scene finishes there and we never learn precisely what Locke said to Walt. With such grey area comes scope for supposition. Talk of a game that is thousands of years old, and black and white opposing sides, you can’t help but think of these two:

And Locke intimating that he has a secret to tell could lead some minds into wondering whether Locke knew more about this age-old game between Jacob and Nameless right back at the start. That the ‘clue in the Pilot’ myth revolves around this very unanswered question.

But hold up. Whoa there. A little thought, of even trying to consider that Locke was aware of this deeper level at work on the Island, doesn’t make much sense when you consider his actions and frustrations and lack of understanding about Jacob. Besides, I believe we did receive as close to an answer as we are ever likely to get in the Tabula Rasa episode, during this exchange between Michael and Walt when Michael is suspicious of Locke spending time with his kid and is fishing for information.

Michael: “Yeah, what did he say?”

Walt: “I don’t know.”

Michael: “What do you mean you don’t know? What did he say?”

Walt: “Some of it’s secret.”

Michael: “Did he tell you not to tell me?”

Walt: “No.”

Michael: “Then what’s the secret.”

Walt: “Mr. Locke said a miracle happened to him.”

Michael: “Yeah, well, a miracle happened to all of us, Walt. We survived a plane crash. Look, I don’t want you hanging around with him anymore.”

I think it’s reasonable to assume we know the secret Locke shared with Walt; when he boarded Oceanic 815 he was paralysed and confined to a wheelchair and it was since crashing on the Island that he was able to walk again. If Michael hadn’t dismissed his interrogation and assumed he understood the nature of the miracle Locke had spoken to Walt about then he too may have learned of this secret – but he didn’t!

So, once again, the ‘clue in the Pilot’ idea gets shot down. I do believe the closest thing to the ‘clue’ is in considering Locke’s speech about the very old game of backgammon being played by a white and black opposing side to be foreshadowing of Jacob and Nameless but, I suppose, the question is: Did the writer’s intend that? The eternal cynic in me says: Probably not. But, again, it’s really just another unanswered question. . .


Anonymous said...

For any followers of the popular theory that LOST is all a game, with our characters being nothing more than human pawns then another response Locke gives to Walt in this very convesation should be equally intriguing:

Walt: "Did they have dice and stuff?"

Locke: "But theirs weren't made of plastic. Their dice were made of bones."

AngeloComet said...

Anonymous: I like it. Given how much further down the rabbit hole we are now, Locke's phrasing here has a whole extra level of chill about it.

Anonymous said...

smokemonstermustdie says- AWW!!StayPuft and AC agree about trolls. You have given up on great ideas AC. Dig deep and give me something that I can think about and discuss. I have much respect for you, But if you cant take any criticism at this point, take a seat. 'Or keep it up with the couple guests you have left'. Call me a troll again I dare you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

all your ideas are vague lately. they are not theories. i have a strange HYPOTHESIS and that is that you, have given up and want this storie over!!!fubud

Anonymous said...

smokemonstermustdie says - Highjacked StayPuft

StayPuft said...

Whilst I want to believe in the whole "clue in the Pilot episode" thing, I'm just not convinced. Having just started to rewatch Season 1 again, I keep looking for things that could be references or hints at the Season 5 finale, and the only things I've found so far are the backgammon conversation and the Christian sitings.

The thing is though, are we looking because there is a clue or because we so desperately want there to be one? That we so desperately want to be able to turn around to all the naysayers at the end of season 6 and say "HA I told you so, of course the writers knew what they were doing from the beginning - there's the proof!"

I think they had loose ideas at the start of the show, and thats why they showed things like the visions and the whispers to us, but back in Season 1, I don't think it was about the big sly reveal, but more about character development etc.

I hope I'm wrong and I have a big eureka moment at the end of Season 6, but either way I cannot wait for next year.

AngeloComet said...

Curiously, smokemonstermustdie, I think you're my biggest fan. And whilst your use of multiple comments and goading of other users IS Trollish, you raise some fair points that I shall cordially address.

I am aware that my posts of late have been infrequent, but that's generally due to being sidetracked by various other matters. Going off to a sunny place for a couple of weeks to get married was one. Keeping up with my other blogs (the movie one, and an in-progress Fringe one) is another. And I've also been playing a lot of PS3 (Resident Evil 5, if you know about these things).

Generally when I post I don't necessarily try and come up with something amazing, rather something original. If I just write posts you can read, or have read, elsewhere then there's little point. I do have other posts lined up, but they involve me getting my own screencaps from my own DVDs and that takes effort (and time away from Resident Evil 5). I'll get around to it.

Also, the death of Michael Jackson rocked my world and it's never been the same since. I'm not sure I'll be able to find solace until he is buried, preferably at Never-Land.

(That last part might not be true.)

But thanks for your concern, smokemonstermustdie. If you could just direct any criticism purely to me, and preferably in one comment, that's fine. Otherwise I'll have to start deleting your comments - I don't want to, mind, but they make the place look untidy and sour the atmosphere of my party! Namaste!

JacksEyes said...

You doubted that "Locke was aware of this deeper level at work on the Island".

Don't forget that Locke was doing drawings of Smokey when he was a child!

AngeloComet said...

JacksEyes - Hell, that's a fact I'd forgotten clean about. (It's a point that Alpert has apparently digested and discarded as a curious irrelevance, too.)

What to make of it? Well, I still can't accede to the notion that Locke had foreknowledge of events on the Island before he got there (and just behaved oblivious).

Some kind of precognition? A bit like Walt having visions of Locke on the beach? Just a small moment of insight into the future that can't be sustained. . . That's really the only way I can explain it.

Well, that or I could consider it the way Alpert did: that it was a curious, squiggly drawing from a child that could be INTERPRETED to be an encounter with a Black Smoke 'monster'!