Dharma Special Access - Part 1

So the ARG is over, but the final kiss off was a website address - http://www.dharmaspecialaccess.com/ - and a password - LAFLEUR - to get you in to the first 'package' of information in the run up to Season 5. But rather than let me explain the whole sorry mess, here are Damon and Carlton to (entertainingly, as it goes) explain it all.

Fundamentally, it would seem the funding got pulled on the ARG for real. And Darlton were slightly ashamed at having to explain this to the thousands of people that got sucked in to the game. Still, I rather like that Damon found the whole thing pathetically laughable. His sense of humour at the whole thing is perhaps an attitude to be echoed.

The second video in the 'package' presented this week is, to be frank, one you don't even need to concern yourself with. Just Damon and Carlton turning up to some geekfest for 'Lost Kubricks' being launched. I don't know what Kubricks are. Some kind of toys by the looks of it. Frankly, I couldn't care less.

Kubrick? Or Lost Merchandise Tat? You decide. I know what I think!

Lastly, there's this 'Starter Kit' video, which is basically a fast recap of the whole Lost show for people that don't know what the hell it's all about. There is literally nothing new here to be learned for the hardcore likes of me or you (I assume you know your stuff - what the hell you're doing hanging around here otherwise is beyond me!) but it kept my interest for its duration, I suppose.

So that's it for the Dharma Special Access this week. I'll let them off the lack of exciting or interesting stuff for now, given this is just the first run. But I hope, and expect, that things will pick up and give me a little something more to get my teeth into. And, of course, as ever, I'll relay all my thoughts out here into some semblance of sense for you to read for yourselves.

Or, alternatively, if I think it's all a load of crap I'll relay that in a torrent of foul language for you to behold in bemusement. We'll see how it goes.

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