Arzt's End

Leslie Arzt (bitchin' name) secured his place in Lost history the moment he was killed. It was spectacular – as the video clip below emphasises – but it also worked on the cheeky ‘red shirt’ level of introducing a character solely for the purpose of having him killed to demonstrate the dangers presented to our heroes.

In this instance it was that the dynamite found on the Black Rock was highly unstable and so journeying back to ‘the hatch’ with it was fraught with peril. Arzt tries to explain this point in his wonderfully impatient, patronising way – but by paying the ultimate price he gets the point over a lot, lot better!

Shock and humour and tragedy all in one perfectly executed moment. You can show this clip to anyone who has never even watched a single second of Lost before and it can’t fail to impress them.

For fans like us, as early as Season One, it was extra confirmation of why this show can continue to surprise and delight us. Season One of Heroes had a finale based around an ‘exploding man’. Lost’s Season One ‘exploding man’ was way better.

HURLEY: “You got some Arzt on you.”

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