Season 3 Opening Sequence

What better way to start a new ‘category’ of posts I’m going to be running, all-time favourite personal clips of Lost at its very finest, with the best opening sequence from the show so far? I doubt they’ll ever get as good as this, the opening scene for Season 3.

Just awesome.

The shuddering quake, of course, was caused by Desmond failing to press the button in a timely fashion – which is pertinent as Juliet playing her CD (‘Downtown’, joining the ranks of other indelible tunes that have memorably hit Lost) is reminiscent of Desmond playing his record player during the opening of Season Two. And it’s nice that we got our first mention of Ben, by name, before we knew who he was. That’s the kind of subtlety we miss first time around but gain by viewing the scene in hindsight. Yet, really, this scene – as any opening scene should be – is about the first time impact. The first time impact for me was simply gobsmacking.

I think the first moment my jaw hung open was when Ben (well, Henry, as I knew him then!) emerged amongst the crowd. Instantly my mind was racing, trying to work out what this meant, and then we saw Oceanic 815 crashing (which, frankly, looked amazing the first time and holds up now as one of the best special-effects the show has ever delivered) and then we knew: Holy shit this is on the Island!

Then there’s that bit of information of Ethan and Goodwin being sent out to their respective sides of the Island that gives knowing fans that little bit more insight than they previously had. But the payoff arrives with that awesome pull-back reveal, as we see exactly how this little ‘Otherville’ (sure, it would eventually get a proper name: The Barracks) sits on the Island.

Not for nothing is that image sitting at the top of every page on this blog. It’s amazing. Never fails to continue to be so. Just like this sequence as a whole.


Acharaisthekey said...

So, random question of the day. Is otherville on top of the dormant volcano that has been referenced during MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN?

Anonymous said...

I love your pic on the top of the page too, that is amazing. I heard somewhere that if you could see the whole island from the top view, it would give some insight as to what the show is all about, have you heard that or am I making it up from some other thing I heard?

lostyfan said...

I have heard that too, Anonymous. Can't remember also where... The best part of the whole sequence is, when we first get to see the caracter Ben, his capbility as a leader and as a decision-maker, which is, by the way, one of the best things this show has. It's really amazing that speech/orders Ben gives Ethan and Goodwin and how fast he does it. Nice post.

AngeloComet said...

Achara: Unlikely!

Anon/Losty: I heard about the 'Island top view' remark. I have not confirmed this, but I believe the remark was made at a point in time before Season 3 was aired. In which case, the 'surprising' thing about the Island, that you would have seen were you to look at it from a bird's eye view, is that there is a smaller Island - Hydra Island - sitting just off the coast of it.

Given we've seen that long shot of it, just before the Island disappeared, I can't imagine there's anything particularly startling about the place a top-down view would provide.

undergroundpastor said...

Hey... I miss you over at Losties. Any chance we are going to see you back over there???

AngeloComet said...


I decided to take an indefinite break from Losties. No big reason, just a lot of little small ones all combining into good enough justification. I still look you guys up every now and then, just don't comment. Will I come back commenting? Never say never. I will if I feel like it.

Appreciate you coming asking though!

Anonymous said...

AC - Just wanted to say I appreciate your site here. I was registered at L-T as LOSTonerFan, and am under the same name at Losties. Like you, I have stopped visiting that site as often as I used to, and I haven't been by here in a while. (Too much negative talk about the show going on there - it seems like no one is ever satisfied with the content of each episode.) Anyway, it's nice to read your take, because while you tell it like it is, you also take the time to appreciate and enjoy what we're given each week. Rock on, dude.

AngeloComet said...

Hi LostOnerFan. Appreciate you coming by, and doubly so for taking the time to comment and say nice things.

Flattery will get you everywhere with me.

Always struck me as odd that fans of the show can be so critical. Obviously I like to have my occasional rants about certain things, but they always come from a place of humour rather than grievance.

Lost is my favourite show. I am along for the ride and willing to go with whatever they throw at me. I do worry, sometimes, about where it's headed - but time and time again the show wins me round and proves my fears were unfounded.

Pop by anytime. Comment with agreement, disagreement or alternative point of view. It's all good here.