The Korean Lottery Wnner

Quick one, this. Before we knew Hurley’s story, about how he was a lottery winner worth millions of pounds, before that episode even took place, we were given our first easter egg clue that Hurley had some level of notoriety.

In the episode . . . In Translation, when Jin turns up at that guy’s house to beat the living daylights out of him (in order to, ironically, save his life) there’s a brief glimpse of the television.

Of course the writing is in Korean, and there’s no real indication that a lottery win is what the news report is about, but anyone who happened to spot that before the next Numbers episode might have been given pause for thought to wonder what Hurley had done in order to get himself on television all over the world!

I wasn’t one of those people, by the way. I didn’t spot it first time around. So I never got that pause for thought. It would have been exciting though. If I had. Oh well.

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