The Eye In The Cabin

To whom does the eye in the cabin belong? Specifically the eye that appeared in Jacob’s Cabin during the episode The Beginning Of The End when Hurley peeped inside. Specifically, this eye:

I remember when the episode first aired it seemed to me that the majority of Lost fans believed the eye belonged to Locke. I wondered if that wasn’t just because Locke immediately appeared with Hurley after this eye had sprung up. Here’s a close up of Locke’s eye.

To me, the Cabin Eye and Locke’s Eye aren’t particularly similar. Besides, why would it make sense for Locke to one minute be in Jacob’s Cabin and then the next out of it? Particularly in light of the difficulty he had locating it again, right up until the episode Cabin Fever? No. I’m ruling Locke out for this one. Next?

Purely looking at the Cabin Eye, with the brown-green colour and the brown hair surround, who that we know does it look like? Desmond springs to mind.

Not a bad likeness, to be fair. But logically, there isn’t much sense for Desmond to be in the cabin is there? Especially in light of him leaving the Island at the end of Season 4! (That gives the writers two Seasons to get Des back on the Island, trapped in a cabin in the past and have it all explained. Not likely.) In other illogical notions, I also considered the Cabin Eye was Hurley’s Eye!

Again, the colour and the ‘look’ fits but, hell, that would mean Hurley was peeping into Jacob’s Cabin looking at himself looking out! That’s just nuts. Let’s try and get sensible with this. Let’s employ some logic. When Hurley looked in the cabin he saw Christian Shephard sitting in the rocking chair. That was Jack’s dad. Well. . . in the same vein. . . could the Cabin Eye not have been Hurley’s dad? David Reyes?

Yeah. . . That one is pretty remote to say the least, logically speaking. David Reyes exists in flashforward, post-Island world. For him to be in the real world before Oceanic 815 crashed, then on the Island in the cabin, then back in the real world fixing up Hurley’s Camaro. . . Yeah. We’ll call that a long shot. And maybe that’s the trouble – maybe the obvious is the way of it. I mean, it’s Jacob’s Cabin! So why would it not be Jacob himself as the owner of the Cabin Eye looking out? We got a good close-up of Jacob’s Eye during the episode The Man Behind The Curtain.

What do you think? You think they look the same? The eyebrow on one seems lower than the other for my money. Besides, would Jacob really stand to have Christian sitting in his chair whilst he was at home? Fair enough Christian sitting there whilst Jacob is away, but surely not whilst he is there!

So where does that leave us? Well, I got one last guess, and it’s my favourite option so far. Particularly after the events of the episode Cabin Fever, where it was revealed that Horace Goodspeed was the man that designed and probably constructed Jacob’s Cabin. It strikes me that the owner of the Cabin Eye could very well be Horace!

I mean, when Locke dreamed of him he was trapped in a loop. And that kind of fits with the idea that he has become trapped in Jacob’s Cabin, that weird place of limbo on the Island. The fact that the brown hair and colour isn’t a million miles away sure doesn’t hurt either. The look is right and there is a connection to the cabin with a firm logic at play. For me, that’s the most solid foundation so far.

Until I know different, I’m keeping my eye on Horace!


Acharaisthekey said...

I am with you on these points:
It is not John Locke
It is not Desmond
It is not Hurley
It is not Hurley's Dad.
(I would be upset if it was any of them)
Instead of Horace, I am convinced it's Mikhail. Why...a couple reasons, one, he is one of the DEAD people from the island...two..the 2007 PODCAST of March 20th, stated everything about Mikhails story has been true except about being in the DHARMA initiative (a weird point to make if you ask me)....three...I think it looks like Mikhails eye. Lastly, like most of my beliefs about the mythology of the show, it's just my gut feeling, and Jacob is somehow protected/spoken for, etc/ by dead people.

Anonymous said...


I like the idea of Horace as the eye -- well supported and argued.

As names are important in Lost, it should be noted that Horace reads much like Horus, an Egyptian God who, among other things, is famous for the Eye of Horus -- a famous Egyptian hieroglyph.

The glyph just so happens to be a glyph of the left eye. You can see it on wiki.

Horace might be a clever allusion that supports your conclusion.

Anonymous said...