Lost ARG 2008 - Part 8

So I finally managed to log on at http://www.dharmawantsyou.com/ to begin my testing procedure for the first time. So. . .

Test 1

The test was very straight forward. Basically you clicked into the screen and there was an empty square in front of you. Around the square were various shapes of all different sizes. The task was to fill the square perfectly using the shapes provided. Generally, at least two of the shapes were not required to complete the puzzle.

The clock started at 100 seconds, and began counting backwards the moment you began. Once you completed the puzzle the timer was stopped, and this then became your percentage rating.

I can admit that, my first go, I managed a measly 18%. But I didn’t quit there and gave it another ten minutes, learning how using the shapes with the flat sides first was the easiest starting point and soon managing to rack up a much faster time. After about ten minutes I decided enough was enough and quit. My finished score was 71%.

I have read since about ways to cheat, by using photoshop to get a first glimpse of the image and work the puzzle out whilst the timer doesn’t move and. . . etc. Well, it’s a computer – and people will always learn how to cheat computers. So being the best cheat isn’t what interests me. 71% was as good as I got in ten minutes. Maybe ten minutes more I’d have been 75% but, really, I figured I’d wasted enough time as it was, and I was getting hungry.

So, that’s Test 1 done. Soon the leaderboard (of cheats!) will be updated and perhaps then I’ll learn what sort of ranking I have achieved and perhaps what role within the Dharma Initiative I have placed myself in! Namaste, as they say.

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