Lost ARG 2008 - Part 9

The results are in! I logged onto http://www.dharmawantsyou.com/ to check how my progress was doing – and found that I had been put into a group called ‘Ganymede’.

There are apparently two groups that people have found themselves in. Ganymede and Pandora. Both have Greek mythological roots, and are also the names of satellites in our solar system. (Not the kind that broadcast T.V.! Moons!)

I have seen some discussion about what kind of rationale may have dictated the group selections. Personally I am of the view that it’s entirely random, mainly because I am a little cynical about how much thought would have gone into it. . .

Like, some people thought that Ganymede was a group consisting of people that had cheated. Well I know I didn’t cheat, so I don’t think that’s the way of it. Interestingly, though, there are some clues that suggest cheating is what 'Dharma' wanted people to do!

During Test One, apparently if you pressed the space bar it froze the counter and enabled you to complete the puzzle without losing any time. So what? Well, the test states that it is a ‘Pressurized Spatial Judgment Evaluation’.

Pressurized Spatial?

Press Space?

I think I’ll keep my eye on that. . . Potentially it might be something about the nature of the Dharma selection, or potentially it might have just been a little clue to help people who were struggling.

There is also a Leader Board up and running. I am not on it, by the way. But here’s the way things were when I just looked.

There is some blurb on the ‘What is This?’ option that explains what this Leader Board is all about.

‘This leader board shows the top 10 recruits with the most Dharma Points.

To earn Dharma Points, recruit a friend into the Volunteer Recruitment Program and take part in any extra tasks set by Head of Recruiting, Hans Van Eeghen.

The flags on the right hand side indicate the nationality of our top 10 recruits.

The leader board is updated every 24 hours.’

So basically if you go around promoting the game to other people you get on the Leader Board. Again, like cheating, this all feels like something that takes too much time and effort. I mean, I enjoy taking part but I am hoping that it will add extra meaning to Lost or at least give me something more engaging. So far it’s a little flat. But I’ll stick with it.

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