Lost ARG 2008 - Part 6

Another e-mail from Hans Van Eeghen continues the ‘holding pattern’ this ARG has us eager beavers locked into. We just want to get on and play the game and here we get a mail that tells us the game is not ready yet but it will be! It’s a good date for it, though (15th August (Month 8) being a nice 815 tie-in). Here’s the mail:



I am pleased to announce that, following an extensive security audit of all departments within the Dharma Initiative, I am totally satisfied that DharmaWantsYou.com is now secure. As a result I am able to confirm a date for the commencement of our latest volunteer testing program.

http://www.dharmawantsyou.com/ to confirm the launch date.

I have heard from many of you in recent weeks via email asking what will be assessed in the program and what the nature of our latest research is. I have found your enthusiasm and relentless curiosity extremely endearing. However, in the interests of maintaining the integrity of the testing process, I cannot be forthcoming on these enquiries.

Despite this, I would like to affirm to you all that I am extremely optimistic about these upcoming evaluations and believe that they will yield recruits of the highest caliber.

Good luck to all applicants.

Together we can guide the world to a better tomorrow.

Hans Van Eeghen
Head of RecruitingThe Dharma Initiative

So having received and read this mail I proceeded directly to the website to see what this official date was. . . And it was the 19th. So just a few days wait more then.

As has become standard, I went and checked the official site address for this e-mail that I had received so I could view the source code and see if Ruckus Guy had left any hidden messages there.

There wasn’t any.

This does feel like the most pointless instalment of this ARG to date. Things, surely, can only get better.

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emzi said...

Oooh I hadn't noticed the date of the email was 15th August. They're very clever aren't they? :)

I checked the site earlier and the first test is now up - although it quickly started to play up (I'm guessing through the influx of visitors!) :)