Dharma Special Access - Part 7

It’s DSA time again! And this time the lovable Carlton Cuse (seriously, have you seen the dopey grin that guy carries around with him? How can you not love that!?) and the lively Damon Lindelof are on the move, taking us on a tour around the writer’s area of Lost. But they introduced as much in the e-mail they sent out beforehand.

Only two and a half weeks until the LOST premiere! Let the countdown begin!

We are back to work and thought we’d break in the new year with a quick tour of the writer’s offices and introduce you to the writers working on season five.

Click on the link below and enter the password to check it out. See you next week!


Damon and Carlton

As ever with these guys, and Lost, there’s always an angle and slant on things that opens things up for interpretation. But let’s watch the video first, and then we can discuss it. And when I say “we”, obviously I mean me.

Obviously, it’s an amusing bit of lightheartedness more than anything. Some people, I have read, take some significance in Adam Horowitz being replaced by an alien in his chair. I don't. I just guess the guy wasn't around so they stuck the alien toy they had lying around in his place. I don't think this is in any way some kind of hint that aliens are going to be introduced to the Lost universe.

Perhaps what’s a little more telling was the ‘living’, ‘undead’ and the ‘RIP’ photos on the wall. Obviously, some poor souls are going to take a lot of significance in Kate’s Horse being made a big deal of as an ‘undead’. I don’t. Pardon the pun, but I think that’s just Darlton and the rest of the writers horsing around, probably amusing themselves when throwing script ideas around.

What is more interesting was the presence of Jin on the ‘ALIVE’ wall. I have always been of the affirmation that Jin died on The Freighter, so his mug being on the ‘ALIVE’ wall thrills me in no way whatsoever. I'm going to be very judgemental, if Jin is indeed going to be alive, over how this comes to be explained in the show.

Anyway, other than that, it was pretty substance-free. Maybe next week will give is something more meaty. And when I say “us", obviously I mean me!


amy said...

angelo, it's bellaisola, do you know what happend to lost-theories???

AngeloComet said...

I don't have any inside information. All I know is the site is down at the decision of the site owner - and it's not looking likely it will ever be back.

I'm guessing the troll hassle became too much of a pain in the arse to be bothered keeping the site open for.