Ajira Airways

So some of you Lost fans, that also check out things online about Lost (which, given you are reading these words on a website, is precisely what you are!) may have heard something about this Ajira Airways. It started life as a website – a fake airline posing as a real airline – after a brief appearance of the logo in a Season 5 promo video.

Ajira Airlines then produced an advertisement.

So, what is it? And what has it got to do with Lost?

The ‘what is it?’ is an easy question to answer. It’s an online game. A bit like the Octagon Global Research game that ran, and then ran out of steam. A bit of an odd move really. Shelving one game and then starting another. But once bitten, twice shy, so I’ve not taken the plunge to get involved in this game one little bit. But I did take the trouble of seeing the findings of people that have bothered to get involved and I can relay that business here. Briefly.

The fundamental purpose of the game is to book a seat on a specific plane destined for a specific location on a specific day.

To find out what the right flight was and so on involved, I am sure, lots of intriguing digging around in Source Codes and little clues doled out here and there. The pinnacle of excitement it is not. However, successful people will have learned that the flight they needed was:

Flight 316 – 11.30 a.m.
One Way Trip from Guam to L.A.
Date: 21st January 2009
For 10 Adults and no children.

Flight 316 - 316 is the title of an episode from Season 5.

Guam to L.A. - Well, we know L.A. was the destination for Oceanic 815, but the Guam part may perhaps be a cryptic allusion to the Island. (I’ll elaborate in my conclusion.)

21st January 2009 - the air-date of the Season 5 premiere

10 Adults - Oceanic 6, Ben, Desmond, Penny and Frank Lapidus. That’s 10 Adults. (My best guess to the potential significance of that figure.) The fact that there’s no children totally discludes Walt in this frame of reasoning - unless he counts as an adult now, and that discounts Ben.

On with the game, then, and apparently once you had got this far you could then click on some of the other seats and it would reveal various images. Here are the images.

Now I'm kind of torn here between reading something significant about it, or just figuring this whole game was a little bit of a paltry paper trail to deliver up these morsels about upcoming Lost. The LAX and Departures and airport lounge once more emphasise flight. The N824 was the number on Frank Lapidus' helicopter.

The other two pictures are of characters that are due to crop up, in some form, during Season 5, but no one knows anything about them so I'm not going to waste my time and yours with absolute thin air speculation. The last pic, the Dharma logo, we have already glimpsed before during one of the Dharma Special Access videos.

So what have we got here? If there really is anything meaningful to be taken from this breadcrumb trail of information then I hypothesise the following: That Guam, being an Island in the South Pacific, is related to the Island. That the flight, and the ten passengers, are representative of the people that have left the Island (but the number Flight 316 may just turn out to be the number of the vehicle that takes them back - and Lapidus may even be the pilot). The Dharma logo represents a Station that is pivotal in making this return journey happen, and the two characters we have yet to meet will play a direct part in this also.

Fundamentally, I am saying this whole game predicts who will be going back to the Island and, by the 316 flight number, the vehicle they will be travelling there in. (There's an episode of Season 5 called 316. . . maybe that's where it all happens!)

That's my attempt at taking all these pieces of a fragmented puzzle and making a whole. That's the best I got. Alternative interpretations welcome.


DanX said...

One problem, the Oceanic Six, Ben, Desmond, Penny and Lapidus is nine adults and one child. Unless Aaron's doing all of Richard Alpert's ageing for him.

AngeloComet said...

That's a bloody great, obvious point, Dan. This is what happens when you rush out a Lost post that you don't particularly give a damn about. . .

Walt will have to be counted as an Adult. Aaron can get stowed away in someone's luggage. That resolves it!

Emzi said...

I was just going to comment about how will Aaron get there if the tickets are for 10 adults.

Maybe he doesn't need a ticket and can sit on his "mama's" knee.

I haven't taken part in this RPG simply because I didn't know it was one. I just thought it was a random website they made to coincide with Ajira. Guess I might take a look later :)

Acharaisthekey said...

After watching the Promo's of Season 5, I fear Penny won't be going back. Desmond seems to be in a rush to get back, while Penny sits with what seems to be her new baby.

Maybe they are charging / counting John Locke being a person. My prediction of the 10 are:

Sayid, Hurley, Jack, Kate, Desmond, John, Ben, Sun, Lapidus, and probably a new character.

AngeloComet said...

Achara - Your list would suggest that Kate does not take Aaron. . . Aaron getting abandoned AGAIN!? That feels like one abandonment to many.

(Though any permutation of people that adheres to the 10 adults rule will omit Aaron. Perhaps there really isn't anything significant, or maybe we're looking at this from the completely wrong angle.)

BennyD said...

Long time Lurker and very rare poster of losttheories here. I just had a thought this morning about the Aaron/10 adults, no children problem. What if Kate will not let him go back as Claire instructed, assuming that "him" is Aaron. Where would he stay you ask? How about his real grandmother. I don't know how they would pull it off legally, but they could tell her the truth about everything without risking the secret being let out as Claire's mom would want to protect Claire. For all they know, and we know, Claire is still alive.

AngeloComet said...

Always nice to hear from a "lurker" Benny, and you make a good point. Introducing Claire's mother in Season 4 did, naturally, serve the purpose of a) showing us she was out of her coma (bargain with Jacob?), and b) informing Jack of his relationship to Claire and Aaron.

And yet now her character exists, yes, she could be useful in 'offloading' Aaron. . .

Problems? Yeah. Ben seemed adamant that the Oceanic 6 in the very least needed to go back. That's GOT to include Aaron. And, also, Aaron's a massive plot all of his own that has yet to deliver - something that has been set up ever since the psychic Malkin told Claire that she needed to raise the child or bad things would happen.

Aaron's just not so dispensable, I feel - as much as it might make it easier all round to dump him on granny!

(P.S. I for one am 100% certain Claire is still alive.)

BennyD said...

Maybe your list of nine is correct and the tenth person is yourself. You are trying to book a ticket, right?

I do see what you are saying AC, but I have also learned to take everything Ben says with a grain of salt. I also think, from all of the promos that have been airing, that the island is far too hostile of a place now for a toddler. Maybe that is why Claire does not want Aaron to come back, again, assuming that "him" is Aaron.

Garett said...

I've been away for the offseason, but it is oh-so-good to be back! I've got a question for fellow theorists. Ben says they all have to go back. Do you think that includes Ji Yeon? If so, that would be 2 children that need to go back, right?