Inappropriate Comics

I’m not taking credit for these babies. A person by the name of Savemejeebus (presumably not the name on their birth certificate) is to be credited. But I am presenting three of the ‘inappropriate comics’ they have produced for you to look at and be amused by.

This first one concerns the moment Jack encountered Cindy when he was locked in a cage by The Others. You’re going to have to click on it to be able to read it properly.

I was personally getting a big Midnight Express homage at work in that one – though if you haven’t seen the film then that reference may have been lost on you. Still. Never mind. This next comic, concerning the moment Jack and Kate were confronted by a collapsed Michael in the jungle, is low-brow enough for everyone to enjoy.

I repeat: You’re going to have to click on it to be able to read it properly.

The cell that contained Jack’s grinning face with “It’s wiener time!” is priceless.

This last one isn’t quite as inappropriate as the others, being fairly restrained in its vulgarity to the point of being fun for all the family. Almost. This time it’s Locke and Desmond in The Swan Station. And by now surely you are getting the hang of it: You’re going to have to click on it to be able to read it properly.

And that’s yer lot!

(Look, I can’t be writing groundbreaking theories every week, you know!)


Acharaisthekey said...

These are great! Thanks for the post!! I definately like the first one the best, though the smiley Jack saying 'weiner time' is pretty damn good!!

maurox0 said...

did lost theories closed again?

AngeloComet said...

Maurox - Yes, I have heard that Lost-Theories is closed and, as of this moment, there is no intention of ever bringing it back. (This has happened before though, so never say never.)

I can understand why the Admin just figured it wasn't worth their time and effort, but it's a shame all the same.

maurox0 said...

where you heard that did the admin said anything?

maurox0 said...

btw very nice stuff you have here =D

AngeloComet said...

Maurox - People who are more 'in' with the Admin of the site let me know.

When the site went down last time a few lost souls came by here wondering what to do next; so I was told to move people to another site (provided they weren't trolls!) should they come asking.

I can e-mail you a different Lost forum site address for you to get involved with - there are a few familiar names from L-T over there. if you're interested. If not, no worries. I'll always be here with this place!

lostfan4ever said...

Very nice, AC!! Thanks for the laughs, the frame with Jack-wiener time-is priceless!! Good stuff wherever you found it!!

Emzi said...

Those are great - the first one is hilarious! :)

Sorry if this is a shameless plug but I have a Lost Theories site that is getting a little popular - click on my name to view (aimed at anyone who reads this! :) ).

PS. AC can you email me the url for that forum? I want to take a look :)

Thanks! :)