Dharma Special Access - Part 8

I thought they'd forgotten us this week. I forgave them. They have a Season 5 premiere coming up so I figured they might have been a bit busy. But, no, on a Friday of all days, in came another e-mail and another slice of Special Access cake!

Hello Dharma Friends,

In less than a week, LOST season 5 premieres! You're hopefully excited. We're heavily medicating ourselves to overcome our anxiety.

What you'll be seeing on premiere night is episodes one and two of this season. While we did not write them to air as a two hour block, we are happy that you are getting to see both episodes on the first night.

Episode one entitled "Because You Left" picks up where the finale left off, and the second episode "The Lie" is a Hurley-centric episode. Honestly, we're very excited for you to see them.

Speaking of the Hurley episode, this week we've got a special sneak peak at a scene from that episode just for you.

We've also put together some photos from a recent photo shoot set to the music Michael Giacchino wrote specially for our 2008 Comic-Con appearance. (Actually, we didn't put them together, but our awesome DSA team did -- and a good job they did, too.)

Until next week...


Damon and Carlton

I expect the news that Lost is returning with a two-episode start won't be new to any of you (but if it is then, hey, what GREAT news, eh?). So Because You Left picks up where the finale left off, hmm? We've already seen a scene in previous DSA of Ben and Jack together, so gathering the O6 will probably be a focus of that show - as well as, hopefully, showing us where the Island went and what became of the rest of them. The Lie being a Hurley-centric episode seems intriguing, too, especially in light of this little clip below. Have a watch. It's a good 'un!

This looks like a small portion of a very important scene. The discussions that took place on the boat when Penny picked up the O6 (and Desmond, and Frank) have always intrigued me. I want to hear more about what Penny has to say about her father, and her part in finding the O6 and looking for Desmond. (And I also just want to see more of her, but that's for different reasons.)

I've often said that it's been established enough that Widmore was responsible for crashing the fake plane. Some people like to theorise otherwise. Well, not me. I say we've been given our information as is, and a scene like this re-emphasising the point only reinforces the matter. However, they're going to have to make the case stronger why they are lying; simply doing it because they think Widmore was after the survivors isn't enough. Widmore was always after the Island, so The Lie really, surely, is that they were on the Island in the first place!

This second clip is less than impressive. They could have used better music cues from the actual show to go along with the clips in my opinion. Still, the cast in these promo pictures sure do look pretty. Chances are you may have seen them before but, hey, it's just two minutes out of your life. And they make Juliet about fifty times hotter than she's ever looked before.

I am assuming that this may be the last Dharma Special Access before the Season 5 premiere. I am also assuming that this, in turn, means this will be the last Dharma Special Access ever! Unless they plan on throwing these things our whilst the show is running. . . Surely not! I'll be posting things on here every other fucking day if they're churning this stuff out whilst Season 5 is on! Christ!

Being based in the UK I'm the poor bastard that's going to have to wait even longer then you US folks to see the show, which will further delay my write-up Analyses. My aim is to get the Episode Analysis of Because You Left up by around Friday/Saturday, and The Lie by around Monday. In case you come here for such things, now you know. I expect they're going to give me a lot to pour over but I'm just happy Lost is back.

(UK people, I believe we get to see the show 'properly' on television on a Sunday so don't come here over the weekend to totally avoid even a chance of spoiling things for yourself. We've waited a long time, don't go ruining it when we're this close!)

Less than a week! Yikes-a-rama!

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Ruby Zee said...

Hey angelo, thanks for posting the dsa stuff. Even the stills are fetching for some reason. I'm looking forwards to your comments on the premier. Just like xmas the closer it gets the longer it seems to take. BTW there was a fascinating post on a forum--i think losties, that put forth the theory that they are all mental health patients and this is a radical type of treatment. It's an excellent read. Sad not seeing everyone on lost-theories, but I'm sure it's much less a headache for the admin now. Hope you are well....Amy..aka..bellaisola