Lost ARG 2008 - Part 15

Test 7: The Honesty and Integrity Test

For those that don’t know the contents and outcomes of the latest test, I’ll let Hans himself explain what Test 7 is all about. . .

So what have we learned from this film?

Number One: The ‘cheats’ within the previous tests were all a part of Dharma’s testing procedure.

Number Two: Hans Van Eeghen was Black Swan all along.

Number Three: Those that cheated are in Dharma’s bad books, and those that didn’t are not.

As anyone who has been following my progress here knows already, I am one such cheating bastard and as such, when I went to check on ‘My Progress’ I found I had been lumped into the Black Swan group. I know that those who did not cheat have merrily found themselves in the White Swan group.

Personally it seems to me the non-cheats have been rewarded for their ignorance. That is the more casual ARG player has been told they are in the 'better' group, but the chances are that the only reason they did not cheat is because they paid no attention to the hidden Black Swan messages and the litany of clues and research that the web was pouring over.

Part of me wonders if this isn't another bluff along the way to reveal the cheating Black Swan group are actually the better candidates. Personally, I would hope so, as it would be a fairer reward for those that put more effort into tackling this game. And I would also hope so since, by default, it would then put me as one of the better candidates!

None-the-less I have rather enjoyed this latest twist. It’s easily the best surprise the game has produced so far and gives me a little more confidence about the next ‘phase’ of the game that will kick in soon. Quite what the fact that I am a Black Swan means for my progression, I don’t know, but I’ll keep it all logged down here. (And I’ll also be keeping my beady eye on tracking the progress of those pesky White Swans to record what they’re involved in that I’m not!)

Namaste, as the saying goes.

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