Season 5 Trailer

So here's the first trailer, and our first look, at Lost Season 5.

It's not exactly overwhelming with its information - but then a promo that gave too much away would be kind of annoying.

Interesting points concerned Kate apparently all keen to take Aaron with her (back to the Island, or is this her running away from the plan of Jack and Ben's to get everyone back to the Island?). And the notion that everyone on the Island would die if he didn't go back is an interesting one (at least it gives Jack and the O6 motivation!).

Faraday briefly popped up, at first glimpse he seemed to be in a Dharma Station? Potentially the Swan, which means it's no longer a big hole in the ground. And the brief shot of the drug plane back up on the cliff, perhaps falling like it did when Boone was in it, has got me excited. I like it when established locations and sites are re-visited and given a fresh angle! Both of these suggest that the Island has been 'reset' to a previous time. . .

Anyway, those were just my impulse reactions to seeing it. There's nothing much to draw of value. It's just new glimpses of Lost. For a Lost fan, with such a long wait still remaining, every little morsel is worth sampling.

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Acharaisthekey said...

Hurley carrying a gun saying we should have never left the island is my favorite part of the clip. I am very worried how conveluted they make the OUTSIDE OF THE ISLAND story. I just hope they don't get away from our favorite island too much!!