Dharma Special Access - Part 2

It would seem that I ought to expect a new ‘Dharma Special Access’ e-mail and bundle of stuff every Wednesday. . . Given that I am a working man with a fabulous and enriched lifestyle (ahem), that should generally mean I’ll get something posted here on a Thursday. So long as ‘Dharma’ stick to their routine, I’ll stick to mine. Here’s the mail I got this week.

Hey Guys,

We trust you all had a good Thanksgiving. (AC Note: Way to go in alienating all your non-US fans, Darlton!) We’re back after a well-needed 4 day break. We’ve hit the ground running. We’re filming the 9th episode, prepping episode 10, writing episode 11, and editing episodes 5, 6, 7 and 8. And (potential spoiler) doing crazy sound effects for episode 5. (AC Note: Mental reminder to keep an ear out for sound effects during Season 5, Episode 5.)

Speaking of crazy, we’ve gone crazy and have not one. . . not two. . . but THREE special features for you guys this week.

An exclusive first-look preview of the season 4 DVD and Blu-ray set that will be released on 12/09/08. (AC Note: Again, one for the US, given that here in the UK we’ve had the DVD for months.)

An interview with Rebecca Mader, aka Charlotte Staples Lewis, of the freighter folk.

A sneak peek of the premiere episode. Brand new footage.

To check it out, click on the link below and enter the following password. (AC Note: Obviously this part doesn’t apply to you, here, reading this. I got you covered.) Remember, this stuff is being released exclusively to you guys and you guys only for 47 hours and 59 minutes ahead of it being officially posted anywhere else.

We hope you enjoy your Dharma Special Access, and we’ll be back to you next week.


Damon and Carlton

Now if you’re anything like me then I think it’s safe to say which of the above three things offers the most interest. So first up is the video for the “sneak peek” of the premiere episode.

Better than I expected, actually – getting a whole exclusive scene from the show. What does it tell us? Well, Kate has now got another reason to be ‘born to run’ once more, which obviously suits her nature.

Perhaps what’s of most interest is who the person is that requested the blood test. I’d go out on a limb and suggest that Ben, perhaps working with Jack, was behind it all. I mean, Ben knows Kate well enough that he could anticipate her next move. So if Kate is now, once again, a fugitive, that allows her to be a little more amenable for coercion in getting her to come back to the Island. Ben and Jack could sell it to her as being the only place where she could escape from the law. . . And so begins to form the scheme for getting all the O6 back to the Island. . .

That’s my gut instinct talking. Time will tell.

Next up would have been the video interview with Rebecca Mader. But the fact is it’s a rubbish video – filmed ages ago when she was at some red carpet premiere. She doesn’t have the faintest clue about what will happen to her character during Season 5 so is in no position to say anything. Given this, I’ve decided to leave it out. Waste of my time and yours.

I could almost say the last video – the footage from the Season 4 DVD – is just as bad. It’s certainly not as revealing about the actual contents of the DVD, or Blu-Ray, as we were led to believe. It’s merely a little bit of Evangeline Lilly talking about one particular episode she had to do, with some behind-the-scenes snippets.

There’s really nothing of value, but if you’ve got about four minutes of your life that you just don’t know what to do with then you could do a lot worse than press play and have a look, I suppose. Just don’t blame me if you get bored!

So that’s our lot for this week. The Season 5 preview scene just about made it worthwhile, I suppose, but the ‘filler’ material was, for me, rather an insult to my good faith. Either give us something worth looking at, or don’t bother!

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