Dharma Special Access - Part 5

God bless us, everyone! Good old Darlton came through, even this close to Christmas, and delivered another slice of Dharma Special Access. Here’s what slid into my inbox this week.

Happy holidays!

In this week's video message we are visited by two very special guests, whom you might recognize.

We've also got exclusive first look photos at two new characters who will appear on the show this season: Caesar and Ilana, played by Saïd Taghmaoui and Zuleikha Robinson.

Until next week...

Have a Merry Dharma Christmas,

Damon and Carlton

So, without much further ado let’s go and take a look at the video they presented this week. I’ve gotta warn you, it’s pretty bloody bizarre.

It’s something of a curious advertisement for the Lost Season 4 DVD when all I said and done. I don’t have the DVD yet – a situation I hope will be remedied this Christmas – but the chronological flashforward feature does seem like a good element on it that I can look forward to. Otherwise, this was just a lighthearted piece of film from Darlton who clearly are in no mood to get hardcore around this time of year.

I’m in the same frame of mind. Though, of course, there was a first look at the new characters of Caesar and Ilana in a blink and miss it couple of frames at the end.

I don’t know anything about either of them at present and, to be honest, I don’t particularly want to know. The joy of Lost is in the watching of the surprises and revelations! Still, I think we can all hope that both Caesar an Ilana turn out to be smoking hot – dependent on your particular gender of preference.

This is going to be my last post this side of Christmas, so I’ll leave you with the latest Season 5 promo. Perhaps you’ve seen this already, but it’s worth another look. It is, by far, the most excitement-inducing promo of the upcoming Season to date, with simply so much in it get wet in the pants about I can scarcely contain myself.

We’re getting close now. . . The wait is almost over. . . Merry Xmas!

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