Dharma Special Access - Part 6

Crikey. I've barely digested a lot of meat and soaked up a lot of booze in time for the crunch of New Year's Eve to ravage my body and mind into a broken husk when up crops another e-mail from the Dharma Special Access team with more stuff to look longingly over. Here's the e-mail I received.

Happy New Year all you Dharma folk!

We hope you are enjoying your holiday season. We are. Our shooting crew is on hiatus for another week, so we are enjoying a little semi-down time, hanging out with our families, reading books, doing a little writing on some upcoming episodes, and getting caught up on TOP CHEF, which is sort of an obsession of ours.

We didn't get a chance to answer even a fraction of all the great questions submitted, so we're back this week with yet another Q & A. We promise you the most obfuscation you've ever seen in a short segment of video.

We also saw this really interesting new commercial we wanted to share with you. Hmmm. Very curious indeed. . . Anybody know anything about this airline?

Back to you next week. Ring in the New Year safely. No DUIs, okay?

Peace and blessings,

Damon and Carlton

So, without too much hanging around and tapping away at this keyboard, I'll let you get on and click the video below and enjoy some more of Damon and Carlton's entertaining interplay as they answer some questions.

Not really much meat for me to chew over - which is good news, given how much I've had over the festive period. Biggest take-home pieces of news are that we'll get to see why Christian was wearing white shoes when he appears on the Island (which suggests to me that we'll see perhaps the precise moment leading up to his time of death and what was done with the body - perhaps some form of meddling with it took place to 'prep' it for life on the Island. . .). We'll also, at some unspecified time, get some information about the four-toed statue.

The white shoe business never bothered me, but OK. The four-toed statue does intrigue me, so I can wait for answers just so long as, when they get here, they're good.

The tail-end of the video had that Ajira Airways advert. To my shame as a Lost fanatic, I've done absolutely no digging about what the hell this thing is all about. For a while I was half under the suspicion that it wasn't even 'official' and was just some kind of weird fan-produced thing. I guess, now it's got Darlton plugging it, there might be something of interest.

Naturally, I'm too much in the way of the holiday spirit to be bothered doing some serious looking into it at the moment, but I promise I'll make it my next port of call. Whatever information you happen to know about it, please feel free to comment. Save me a job. . . I'm getting old. . . This heavy-drinking and binge-eating is takin its toll.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

The A.A. website has this prominently about it (after the video on the home page, and on the footer of the pages):

Copyright ABC, INC

So, it's obviously some viral advertising for the show... not to mention, it shows the island on the homepage.

On the Destination Destiny page, there is a sample boarding pass you can print, and it has subtle heiroglyphs around the border...

AngeloComet said...

Thanks Anonymous!

I have started doing some digging and can clearly see this is another piece of marketing masquerading as a game from the Lost guys keeping interest in the show.

I don't quite know how, if at all, it's going to play into the main show, though. So I've got a half-finished post on the subject that I can't decide to wait to see finished before I post it, or do it in instalments. . .

(Trouble is I've finished up a good theory that I also want to post, and yet I know there'll be a new Dharma Access coming up around Tuesday. Too many posts all crammed into too short a time space before the Season starts! What's a Comet to do?)


Acharaisthekey said...

AC- Please post away!! We'll read!! Not a lot going on L-T right now, and the Dharma Access are typically quick thoughts. Post the thoery!!!