Via Domus

Not really going to belabour this one, but it occurred to me that there may be some Lost fans out there that never played the Lost Videogame - Via Domus - when it was released. Maybe you're one such person. And maybe you've read the occasional theories or ideas raised from people about the ending, and how it may relate to the show.

Well, worry no more. Here's the ending. The video starts at the very end of the game, once you've done the final challenge. The main character - Elliot Maslow - has finally recovered his memories after journeying around the Island and has got himself a means off the Island. This is what happens next. . .

So the interesting thing is that, upon leaving the Island, Elliot is transported back to the point after the crash as though everything has been 'reset'. Only there's a big difference in that the woman that turns up, alive. . . Well, she was dead the first time you played the game. So that's what this crackpot ending is suggesting: that Elliot succeeded in doing what needed to be done by learning about himself and his reward was to re-start life on the Island, this time with the woman he cared about alive and well.

I remember a friend of mine, when he finished the game, said it had really worried him - in case it pointed the way towards how the real show Lost was going to finish. That the whole thing was going to be an exercise in the characters redeeming themselves and starting their lives over, but more improved.

Luckily, my friend's worries were unfounded. The powers that be have confirmed the game is not canon and so we don't have to be sent into a tailspin of panic about what it may mean to our beloved show.

Anyway, if you hadn't played the game this saves you the trouble. In my not-so-humble opinion I thought the game did a terrific job with atmosphere and excitement at visiting locations (like the Swan Station, or encountering Smokey) but it was a silly plot and the actual gameplay itself revolved around fixing fuse boxes or taking photographs. I kid you not. If you haven't played it, you're missing nothing.

There's a good game to be made out of Lost, for sure. But this ain't it!


Emzi said...

I was very dissapointed with the game. It is very short and there aren't really any challenges. And the ending was just... meh.

I was really getting into the game and when Elliot woke up on the day of the crash again I was sure there was going to be more to do and was getting ready to continue playing - only to find that his girlfriend is alive and well and then roll credits.

You're right, there is a good game to be made out of Lost, and I really hope they do make one.

Acharaisthekey said...

I have a rule with video games, and that is if it is licensed after a TV or MOVIE is in production, it will be no good. Meaning they spend way to much on the NAMING expense and not enough on the gameplay expense. LOST was no different then any other TV SHOW / MOVIE game I've played. They just are not very good. Star Wars has had a couple decent games, but that's the exception. LOST (Like Buffy, Spiderman, Hulk, just was easy and not very good. Agree with your write up here 100%